Finding An Incredible Accountant

Finding An Incredible Accountant

Should You Outsource Some Of Your Departments?

by Adrian Castro

Outsourcing was once a controversial topic, but now it's a fact of operating a modern business. Businesses of all sizes outsource some of their tasks, functions or departments in order to alleviate what they have to administrate internally. However, despite this common business practice, many businesses are still employing entire departments that could be entirely outsourced. Is your business one of them? If so, it's time to re-examine these departments and determine if they really need to be in house.

What Can Outsourcing Do for You?

The biggest benefit of outsourcing a specific role or department is that you no longer have to worry about hiring in house employees. This saves you on training, recruiting, taxes and space. You may even save on payroll.

If you outsource a specific role, your only responsibility will be paying the service provider. You'll let them know what you need them to do, they return the results and you pay them. It's a standard service based agreement that will likely save your business money.

Another benefit of this practice is that you won't have to divert management attention to these departments. Instead, you'll be able to focus on your core business goals instead of worrying about peripheral departments.

What Departments Can Be Outsourced?

Any department that is not vital to create the product or service that fuels your business is considered a peripheral department. While necessary to operate your business at large, they aren't required for your core goals. These departments can usually be partially or entirely outsourced. Below are some common examples of peripheral departments that benefit from outsourcing:

  • Accounting. Every business needs top notch accounting services to operate effectively. However, they don't need to be in house. Hiring a firm that provides accounting services will provide the same level, if not a higher level, of service that an in house team would. Since accounting is their core business, you'll receive the utmost level of service.  
  • Information Technology. IT is a prime example of a department that can be partially outsourced. You'll likely still need a team to handle desktop support and be on-site, but many of your IT needs can be outsourced to a qualified company. They can remotely handle your networking infrastructure, push desktop and network updates and can even visit your office for monthly auditing and reporting.  
  • Legal. With the exception of large businesses, most businesses don't actually need an in house legal team. Instead, you can outsource these responsibilities to a law firm. You can have them on retainer and only pay for the services when you need them.

Making use of outsourcing services can help you trim down your budget and spur growth. See if you can outsource some of the above departments. 


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Finding An Incredible Accountant

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